About Us

About Us 

Welfare College is located in Ali Pur Syedan, near the historical town of Bhera in the District of Sargodha. Welfare College is a non-profit organization, which aims to provide quality education that improves student’s confidence and appreciation of their identity. The College provides extensive resources for students in all subjects, especially English Language and IT, which are crucial for enabling students to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Welfare College has a dedicated team that has the ability to identify and satisfy the needs of the individual students, the parents and the broader community.


The primary concern of Welfare College lies with the quality of the education being provided, as opposed to the quantity of the students being catered for. The Welfare College staff endeavor to serve the educational needs of each individual student.


Welfare College is working in collaboration with the Pak Welfare Centre, which has already been heavily engaged in the development of the community for the last two years.


Governing Body

Welfare College has a dedicated governing team, with a global vision, that aims to to provide world class education.



Welfare college affairs will be run by the admin committee. This admin committee will consist of the parents, teachers, students, and the principal. The admin committee will work under the guidance of governing body.



Teaching is a demanding profession that requires teachers to serve the community. It is this concept of service that provides our staff with the intrinsic motivation to deliver the profession properly. Thus, the Welfare College staff teach, ensuring they serve their duty which is directed towards the students, their parents, the community and, in a broader context, the nation.